Keto Pills vs Natural Ketones

The Keto diet and its benefits have become apparent over the years.

This has given way to Keto pills , these are abundant today, and they promise to be effective in losing weight.

The so-called BHB ketones are offered as a supplement to the Keto diet. But what effect do these pills have on our body? Let's see.

What are Keto pills?

keto pills

Keto pills are products sold as weight loss supplements , based on their thermogenic or body fat burning "power"; There are various commercial brands. Some define them as fat burning diet pills.

It should be mentioned that these pills have their defenders and also many detractors. According to the manufacturers, its results are obvious, and they guarantee to suppress the appetite and increase the basal metabolism.

Certainly in the market there is a boom with these pills, and you can get for men and women, shaped for each particular need. They practically "offer" miraculous results in weight loss, thanks to its star component: beta hydroxy butyrate (BHB).

How do BHB ketones work?

These Keto Pills enter our body to discharge ketones, specifically BHB ketones. Maybe someone might ask, isn't it the same as the Keto diet ?; that is precisely what the proponents and manufacturers of these pills claim.

Certainly the Keto diet makes our body produce natural or endogenous ketones; made by our own cells through a natural mechanism. Sadly, this is not the case with Keto pills .

This happens because the exogenous ketones that enter our bloodstream do not have the same effect as natural ketones . They do not follow the same route, nor do they reach the same goal.

how ketones work

Although, they achieve the same effect in a medium way, that your body uses ketones instead of glucose as an energy source, this lasts only while you take them, apart from anyway if you eat more carbohydrates, sugars, calories than what you really do "Burn" or use, the body will store these surpluses and therefore also increase your amount of body fat.

What are natural ketones?

natural ketones

Natural ketones, on the other hand, are the molecules that serve as fuel for our body and are only produced when we greatly decrease the consumption of carbohydrates and increase the consumption of fats (ideally healthy) , they have a positive effect on our body. These are made by our body during the time that we largely cut carbohydrates in the diet.

The production of natural ketones is the foundation of the Keto diet. The Keto diet translates into the production of ketone bodies to achieve weight loss naturally . This diet has been effective and safe for those who have made it a way of life.

Endogenous ketones cause the body to oxidize or burn more fat , through a natural process. This is why natural ketones are really effective. This does not always happen with Keto pills, because by consuming them we make our body skip that natural process of converting fat into ketones.

If we want to promote ketosis in our body, we must do it naturally. By choosing foods rich in healthy fats, proteins and few carbohydrates, we get our body to promote natural ketones.

Keto pills or natural ketones?

Keto sachets, juices or pills are promoted and consumed very frequently today. But they don't really have any real verifiable effect on weight loss, there is no scientific basis to do so.

Remember that, to produce natural ketones, the body must follow a route, which guarantees real and effective weight loss. But it requires the body to do its job to get into ketosis. The body does not follow this same path if ketones come from outside, such as BHB.

keto pills or natural ketones

BHB ketones are not part of the Keto lifestyle

The Keto lifestyle is natural, which is why it benefits us comprehensively.

Although they carry the name Keto on the label, their use has nothing to do with a Real Keto lifestyle. BHB ketones are not the only component in these pills; they also contain high amounts of sodium or calcium, which is necessary for the “supposed absorption” of ketones by the body.

We all want to look and feel good, slim, and energized. This is not a matter of ingesting some pills for a while that will have an almost magical effect on our body.

It is about changing the way we eat, and even live, so that well-being will be real and permanent.

keto healthy lifestyle

Always choose to produce natural ketones

Natural ketones are safe and very beneficial for our overall health , more and more studies support this claim.

When we help our bodies make ketones, it is as if we are giving it a new tool to do its job more effectively. Therefore, the results of a Keto life are positive, evident and permanent in it.

The burning of fat in the liver generates ketone bodies that once released in our body become a powerful source of energy. For this reason, a balanced Keto diet makes us feel good, satiated and above all with vitality.

balanced keto diet

Choose a healthy lifestyle

The debate about Keto pills continues, and many athletes and artists defend and promote them. Beyond Marketing and product sales campaigns, we must be wise and analyze all the evidence behind these pills.

Looking for natural alternatives is always the best decision . Know the Keto diet and Keto Lifestyle, what they consist of, its benefits and its scientific basis, this will help you make the best decision.

Remember that your body is sacred, it deserves respect, care and knowledge. Forcing processes from the outside is not the way to achieve any permanent well-being.

healthy life style

Important: It is always important when starting a Keto Diet or Keto Lifestyle, consult your health specialist and certified in Keto (ideally), so that you can carry out the beginning of this new stage in the best possible way.

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