Leave the Sugar, Not the Flavor.
It all started with an experience of one of our founders, he had tried many types of diets in years, but he always "bounced" and gained the same or more kilos that he had lost.
When he began the Keto style, with great caution and yes, also fear, due to the amount of fat and what we "normally" know about nutrition at the beginning of 2017, previous studies were carried out, during and after routine every 3 months, he managed to lower around of 30kgs, but not only that, but it lowered his "bad" cholesterol, raised his good cholesterol And by half his triglycerides!
Since then he has never eaten "normal" bread, "normal" sugar, sweets, etc. In 2017 there were not many Keto options, in fact the products for it were almost nil, over time stories similar to his, they took on the task of creating brands and products suitable for Keto and healthy.
Thus the story of SOLA, Good Dee's and other brands that started out of a health need, beyond a mere business.
And so, we also started HazKeto.
We exclusively distribute Healthy, Sugar Free, Low Carbohydrate products, some also Gluten Free and many suitable for Keto.
Products suitable for the whole family, for people in Keto or Ketogenic lifestyles, pre-diabetic or diabetic. It is time to be able to indulge yourself without guilt.
We do not believe in having to "suffer" to eat healthy, not being able to enjoy some basic foods, such as Box Bread, Hamburger, Granola, Sweets or Desserts.
Smart consumption is becoming more widespread, education regarding a Really Healthy Eating has changed and is still evolving.
Calories or Fat is no longer the most important, but:
What type of Calories or Fat do we consume?
How many carbohydrates do we consume?
Sugar? No thanks!
Every day more studies and experiences indicate that sugar is a real enemy of our health in many aspects, as well as excess carbohydrates that later become Glucose in our body.
We want a Mexico, and a healthier world, we must leave as a country the first places in obesity and even sadder in childhood obesity What are we giving our children? ...
It is time to Consume and Buy wisely, to investigate and look for healthy alternatives, beyond an advertisement that says "Sugar Free" but with 95% Maltitol and a Glycemic Impact almost equal to sugar.
Be part of this new wave of smart consumption.
Do Keto!
* It is important that you are guided by a health professional before starting a Keto lifestyle.

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