Shipping policy

National shipping cost (Mexico) $ 139.00 MXN, with delivery of 3 to 5 days, except extended areas or cost outside the normal in national parcels, the cost that is applied is the differential in these cases.

Free shipping promotions do not apply to extended areas or to areas where parcels charge more than the normal rate for being considered remote or extended.

We send Mexico Cities, if you are from another country please contact us to check if we have any option to get you there.

When confirming your order, the available product will be reviewed in detail and it will be sent the next business day or on the same day if possible, in case the product is not in excellent condition for shipping, you will be informed and a refund will be made or We will give you options to change it if you like any proposed option.

Our mission is to deliver you the best product in the shortest time possible :)

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