"Dirty Keto" or "Dirty Keto", what is it?

Many wonder what this "dirty" word means linked to the world of healthy food in the keto field 🤔, read on to remove that doubt today in the easiest and fastest way, such as leading a keto lifestyle.

When we talk about “dirty” keto (dirty, in English), we refer to a keto diet where processed or ultra-processed foods are consumed as part of the diet (foods that come packaged, with more than 5 ingredients on their list), and be it to a greater or lesser extent, but they are there present.

what is dirty keto

This is good, bad, optimal?

In the food sector there is no bad or good, you just have to know how, when and with what.

Imagine having a keto diet as a lifestyle (that is, until the last of your days), as the adults that we are, we will have understood that life is cyclical, it makes it clear to us all the time.

We have periods of stress, anxiety, desire, and in particular women, having a menstrual cycle completely regularized by something that handles everything beyond reason: hormones.

keto diet

In this emotional and stationary cocktail, we will spend many moments in which we will get bored of eating only meats and vegetables and our palate for these same reasons will ask us for something different: be it a texture, a flavor, an aroma or a color that we want or that we want. just break the routine (especially in family events or celebrations) and they will be necessary to make this diet something sustainable over time.

Variety is necessary in the human brain to generate adherence to behaviors of any kind, even if we wanted to and were the most disciplined people in the world, we could not eat the same daily until we died.

dirty keto

That is why, eventually doing “dirty keto”, or adding the odd keto product to complement our daily lives, will help us continue with this lifestyle without risking our precious ketosis and above all without adding industrial amounts of flour. and sugars to our body.

dirty keto

Solange Padrón (N utrioloca )
Certified Coach in Ketogenic Nutrition
Certified Women's Trainer

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