Does Keto Coffee Burn Fat?

If you are already in the world of KETO nutrition or intermittent fasting / fasting, you have surely heard of terms such as:

☕bullet proof coffee

☕coffee bomb

☕keto coffee

☕keto coffee

And if you are like most, a fan of coffee, and you find yourself on a ketogenic diet or fasting, this coffee will give you a lot of energy and mental clarity, since our brain loves fats (the "good" ones are always better) and is super receptive to these, especially in conditions such as fasting.

 keto coffee burn fat

Among the ingredients with which to prepare this famous coffee, you can find: butter, ghee, coconut oil, MCT oil, as main fats, and some add cinnamon, vanilla or some flavoring (and you will decide whether to add any natural/artificial sweetener). keto-friendly or not).

 bullet proof coffee

The fat as excellence is the MCT oil, since they are the isolated medium chain fatty acids, for which they are easily transformed into ketones and are metabolized much faster than the long chain ones (the majority) providing quick energy and pure for your neurons.

keto coffee with MCTs 

I highly recommend this coffee to people who don't like breakfast or don't have time to cook and sit down to eat calmly, who spend their morning in traffic or in work meetings, requiring early mental agility.

If you like creamy flavors, you will love it, it is rich, dense and provides a lot of energy, in addition to taking care of your ketosis, favoring your fat loss.


Solange Padron(Nutrioloca)

Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Coach

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