How often to consume KETO processed products?

One of the most frequent doubts when carrying out a ketogenic diet is how often it is advisable to consume categorized packaged products -keto-, we refer to foodstuffs such as breads, cookies, snacks, such as those found in online stores, green markets, supermarkets, stores of supplements, etc.

To answer this question, the first thing we need to know is:What is a keto product? 🤔

A keto product will be one that allows us to continue with our low-carb eating style, while protecting our precious ketosis (the metabolic state we find ourselves in when doing keto). So it should, mainly: be free of sugars of any kind (yes, any kind, that includes muscovado, cane, coconut, agave syrup, fructose), and flours with a high glycemic index, such as wheat (not modified), oats, corn, amaranth, spelt, etc.

keto bread

But how to make sure it's keto? This is where I recommend 3 filters that will guide you when choosing your keto product:

1- The brand:Is recognized? Do you make keto products specifically? Do they sell it in recognized health food stores?

keto products

2- The origin:Where is it made? (products of American origin have very strict quality filters, so I recommend you choose them) Can it be purchased in different parts of the world? Does your packaging look serious and trustworthy?

keto food factory

3- Label:If the answers to the previous 2 are affirmative, you already have the upper hand, but if any of them are of dubious origin, I recommend the “detective” mode and read the labels, as a general rule, each portion should not exceed 6g “Net” of carbs to be considered keto-friendly, products that are truly keto-friendly usually feature the net carbs in each serving in large or bold, bragging about it.

nutritional information

So, in conclusion, how often to eat keto products? Everyone is free to decide when, but here the important thing is to make sure that they really are KETO friendly products and not regular products that are sold as Keto when in fact they are not, since there is a lot of misinformation and marketing about it.

Extra:Every body and metabolism is unique, the best test for a “keto” product will always be to test your blood glucose and ketones yourself (avoid breath or urine tests, they are not very accurate).

glucose meter

Solange Padron(Nutrioloca)
Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Coach

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