6 Benefits of eating KETO (Ketogenic)

Why is it advisable to lead a ketogenic/keto lifestyle?

When they ask you that question or you yourself have doubts about entering this wonderful world, remember these 5 reasons:

1- ⭐ You will learn to eat.You will know how your body works, combine foods and nourish yourself for life. It's hard to follow a keto diet if you don't learn about nutrients and how your body works, so you'll get out of your comfort zone and educate yourself about how to eat.

how to eat properly

2- ⭐ You will lose overweight.If you have excess body fat, you will most likely lose it. In a properly formulated keto, from the hand of a keto professional, your insulin hormone will rest properly, so you will not accumulate fat as in a traditional high carbohydrate diet and you will get rid of that surplus that makes your body sick.

lose weight keto diet

3-⭐ You will have more energy.Say goodbye to the sleep after eating and the uncomfortable snacks every time. With a well-formulated keto diet, your energy levels will remain stable and you will have greater mental and physical agility without having to eat all the time.

how to have more energy

4- ⭐ Goodbye to several diseases *.Excess carbohydrates, specifically refined and simple ones, generate cellular inflammation, which in the long run translates into inflammatory and degenerative diseases, diseases that you will avoid with a low-carbohydrate diet.

better health keto diet

5-⭐ You will regularize hormones *.It is no longer a secret that fats are our allies when it comes to balancing our hormonal environment. Fats such as avocado, coconut oil, ghee, salmon, nuts, among others, generate benefits that will be reflected in our hormonal balance (optimal benefit for women).

6- ⭐ You will eat out of real appetite and not out of addiction.By leaving simple and refined carbohydrates, your body will begin to function in an orderly manner, asking for food only when you have a real appetite and not because of the vice generated by the spikes in blood glucose caused by excess carbohydrates.

learn to eat healthy

The benefits are so many that we will leave more for future posts. At the moment you have 6 very valid reasons to say hello to health and longevity with a keto diet.

Solange Padron(Nutrioloca)
Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Coach

*Based on various medical studies, always consult your doctor and/or health professional for any change in eating habits.

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