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Keto Cravings and Healthy Alternatives

Healthy Cravings and Alternatives

One of the hardest parts when starting a good diet or the keto diet is the cravings; In most cases these cravings are for sweet things like desserts, sodas and chocolates, but there are also cravings for fried or salty food.

Why do we have these cravings?

The most important thing is to know the reason for these cravings in order to give them the best solution, although there are many possible reasons, the best known are the following:

▶ ️ 1. Thirst
Commonly we forget to drink the necessary amount of water and this is because we only drink water to refresh ourselves or when we feel dry mouth; the body generates a reaction when feeling dehydrated, but this sensation is very similar to what we experience when we are hungry, so it is easy to confuse it; This is when the phrase "you are not hungry, what you are thirsty" makes sense.

causes food cravings: thirst

▶ ️ 2. Emotional factors
It is very common to associate some foods with memories or emotions, this usually occurs very commonly with desserts, due to the sugar and dopamine that it releases.

causes food cravings: emotional factors

▶ ️ 3. Custom or Imitation
Although it sounds predictable, your tastes are a very important factor, since there are flavors that you prefer compared to others and this can be a source of craving; on the other hand, imitation is something that is very present in us since childhood and this means that if one of your acquaintances eats something in a certain way, it can generate a craving reaction in you.

causes food cravings: habit and imitation

▶ ️ 4. A long time without eating
When you start a regimen in which your body is left with an appetite or you simply go several hours without eating, this usually produces cravings for sweet things or cravings to eat, because blood glucose decreases, however, these types of cravings usually produce insulin spikes, which are very harmful in the long term.

causes food cravings: a long time without eating

▶ ️ 5. Lack of nutrients
When your body detects that it does not have the necessary amount of some nutrient, this creates a craving for you to consume that particular nutrient to stay balanced. For example, if your body is deficient in minerals, your cravings will be salty foods or carbonated drinks, such as mineral water.

causes food cravings: lack of nutrients
▶ ️ 6. Hormonal changes
These are part of the PMS or they occur during menstruation and pregnancy because these hormonal changes usually produce a fluctuation in the levels of nutrients in our body. These cravings are usually sweet, like chocolate.

causes food cravings: hormonal changes

How to solve them?

In the case of thirst, the solution is very easy, drink a glass of water before assuming it is hunger, in this way you can differentiate what your body is really asking for.

On the other hand, the emotional factor is a bit more complex, since it is based on the unconscious; it is best to seek emotional support or identify that emotion or memory associated with the craving and look for healthy options either with activities or food.

The best thing for the other factors is to exchange those cravings for healthy alternatives; To achieve this exchange it is very important to take into account your tastes, the time involved and your goal in terms of carbohydrates, sugars or food; Here are some healthy alternatives for the most common cravings.

healthy cravings and alternatives

Remember that a healthy diet has great benefits for your health and your state of mind. To achieve it without feeling overwhelmed by cravings and restrictions, you must find healthy alternatives that satisfy your particular tastes; In this way you will not only change your diet, you will also change your lifestyle.

Now tell us, what is your most persistent craving?



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